The Roaring Twenties Collection, White Gallery – London 2019

The Roaring Twenties Collection debuted on the catwalk during London Bridal Fashion Week, London ExCel March 24 – 26 2019

Photography by Rod Leon

The 2020 collection will be available from July 2019. For further images, please visit the ‘Catwalk Shows‘ gallery

I never took ativan daily. I call it an emergency drug for myself. I take a pill only when I can’t sleep or when I feel my anxiety gets gross, and I’m several steps away from a panic attack. It helps me go through difficult periods without the risk of getting addicted. The maximum daily dose I’ve ever taken is 5 mg.

Lalique dress and Lalique skirt – photographed by Rod Leon
Ritz dress – photographed by Rod Leon
Hemingway cape and Gershwin dress – photographed by Rod Leon